Eco Friendly Signage

Recycling Image

Of course everyone wants to do their bit and employ eco-friendly options where feasible. Cost will always an issue. However, as companies face increasing corporate sustainability requirements there tends to be greater appetite to spend a little more, if it achieves a truly environmentally friendly outcome. However, even then there are complexities.

In New Zealand some sign panels are marketed as “recyclable”. This term can be misleading. If you dig a little deeper what you will sometimes find is that whilst they can theoretically be recycled, New Zealand does not actually have the technology in place to offer the recycling services that might be offered overseas. Alternatively, it may be that the materials are only recyclable if they are collected in bulk and taken direct to a specific recycling centre in a manner approved by the recycling facility. Whilst this may be achievable in some cases, in the normal course the test for a truly eco-friendly panel is one that can simply be added to a council recycling bin or taken to a council collection point. Unless panels can be processed in this manner, there is a high possibility that the panels will just end up in general waste and from there, landfill.

The signage industry is not a terribly eco-friendly industry. Pressure is being applied to change this from customers and regulators alike. Just be careful that in the rush to be perceived as eco-friendly you are taking the time to understand the true nature of the materials used in the signs you are buying and, in particular that they are truly recyclable.

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