Installation Options

Installation Options

We can currently supply our standard signs with 3 options for installation.

  • Double Sided Tape – a great choice for easily fixing your sign to a smooth surface like glass, metal or a painted wall. We use a heavy duty 3M tape for maximum adhesion
  • Holes Drilled In Corners – we can supply your panel with 4 holes drilled (1 in each corner) to make locating screws easy – for fixing into just about any surface. Also a good strategy if you plan on fixing the sign in place using cable ties.
  • Holes Drilled Top and Bottom – “pole holes” – this is the way to go if you plan to screw the sign to a pole. We add holes at the middle of the top and bottom of the sign

To select the required option please just tick the relevant box under “Installation Options” when ordering.

We are always happy to supply your signs with custom fixings – if you have an unusual installation situation or just want to double check, please just ask.

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