The My Account Page


Ok, so this is not the most popular part of The Signmaker website – in fact it hardly seems to get any visitors at all. However, it can actually be a pretty useful part of the site. In particular, we have just added some new functionality around previously order products, which is described further below

To get started just click on Customer Service and then My Account

Customer Service Menu

Once you click on My Account you will see the following menu options:

Please have a look around but the subject of this note is the My Products link – so please click away…..

Assuming you have purchased items previously, these items will be listed out, complete with an add to cart button for each item. This can be a real time saver if you just want to reorder a previously purchased item. Just select the size you want (if applicable), Add to Cart and you are done! There is also a search bar so you can quickly narrow down the available choices.

Hope you find this useful – as always if you have any questions or suggestions please just Contact Us

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