pullup banner

Pullup banners make an awesome display solution. They are a great combination of:

  • portable
  • compact
  • freestanding
  • lightweight
  • economical
  • easy to use

Most of all, pullup banners provide a large visual impact – great for getting your message across and standing out from the crowd.

Pullup banners (or retractable banners) have a spring loaded mechanism that retracts the printed banner into the aluminium base when not in use, for easy storage and transportation. A telescopic pole is used to hold the banner in its extended position. Once the pole is removed, the banner can be allowed to feed back into the base for safe storage and easy transportation.

Design Considerations

As with most signage, don’t try to fit too many messages. Maximum impact is achieved using a combination of a strong image and a simple message. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Remember also that a typical pullup banner is around 2m tall and is floorstanding – so make sure your key message is towards the top of the design. If you place your text toward the bottom of the banner, you risk it being overlooked – or worse there may be furniture or other obstacles obscuring your message. It is better to use multiple banners, arranged in a logical order, than to squeeze too many words into the available space.

Production Considerations

Pullup banner hardware is available at a huge range of price points and quality options. Generally, you get what you pay for – a super cheap unit will likely let you down. If you are on the road you need a unit you can rely on.

To maximise the professional look of your unit, you need the banner to lie as flat as possible. Cheap banner material can end up buckled and scalloped at the edges which impacts on the otherwise clean lines of the product. Your printer needs to be experienced and use the right materials to get a nice lay-flat result.

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Otherwise known as…

It can be a bit confusing. These products have lots of different names. Just to make sure we are on the same page you may sometimes see pullup banners referred to as:

  • Retractable banners
  • Roll-up banners
  • Roller banners
  • Rollup banner stands

The main characteristic that defines a pullup banner is the self winding spring mechanism – that is the key element that makes these products (call them what you will) so convenient.

Top Tips!

Be careful when lowering the banner back into its base. It needs to be slowly guided back into the base under tension and kept even and centred across the roll. Don’t just let the banner go or drop it, as this is likely to cause damage.

Pullup banners are intended for interior use only. On a very still day you might be able to use them outside but they are not weatherproof and such use is not recommended.

pullup banner

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